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There is no dearth of blonde hair wigs online that looks good on the screen but when it comes to quality and durability, the number shrinks drastically. If you want to try a blonde hair wig that matches your style and is durable too, then, this is a perfect blog to discover the same.

DoU Wigs is here with the best natural blonde hair wigs that were hot-selling in 2020 and are gaining popularity in 2021 because of their stunning design, durability, and quality. Start paying attention and continue reading!

Blonde virgin hair wigs online

For many years, we have been designing premium quality wigs for women who love to try the latest hair trends without exposing their natural strands to chemicals.  From golden blonde to golden brown, we have multiple color options available. And in terms of hair length, we serve a wide variety too!

Here are top-quality blonde hair wigs from our premium catalog.

#1 Golden blonde wig

This is a premium wig especially designed for women who are in love with blonde shades. This virgin hair wig is made from 100% European hair available in multiple lengths. It has natural hair that will blend easily with your natural blonde hair. This premium golden hair wig can be customized any way you want. Here are the major blonde wig highlights:

  • Invisible knots in the hairline
  • Scalp friendly sleek European hair
  • Double Swiss lace for stronger knots
  • Multiple lengths options available

Currently, this premium human hair wig is available at a budget-friendly price of 399$ only!

blonde hair wig

#2 White chocolate wig

Another top-rated blonde hair wig, White Chocolate Wig brings the realness of virgin European hair and is known for its sleek look. This human hair wig has a natural hairline and is available in a variety of length options. The hair styling product is fitted with an elastic cord that connects the lace, making the top flat and comfortable.

Below  are the advantages of this blonde hair wig designed by the leading suppliers of premium hair wigs:

  • S-hook and elastic adjustable band on each side
  • 100% virgin European hair
  • Open lace front for a natural hairline

#3 Golden Wood wig

Golden Wood Wig is probably the best blonde wig available in our catalog. Known for its quality, this blonde wig has been helping women claim a magnificent look for a really long time. It has a natural hairline with four adjustable straps on the sides for easier yet strong wig attachment. 

Below are the highlights of the golden blonde wig that make it the most popular choice among the women in their late twenties and thirties.

  • Breathable wefted closed cap
  • Available in multiple length options
  • Great alternative for non-surgical replacement
  • Can be customized according to your preference

blonde hair wig

#4 Cream choice wig

For anyone looking for a dark blonde wig, the Cream wig is a good pick. This 19-inch virgin blonde wig is preferred by fashionatics who want to try unique styles frequently. This luxury human hair wig is a great non-surgical hair replacement alternative that provides long lifespan and supreme comfort. 

Below are the highlights of the Cream Choice wig:

  • Elastic adjustable bands on the bottom each side for added security
  • Available in two different sizes
  • High quality closed lace front
  • Made of 100% European hair with higher hair density

Learn more about this blonde virgin hair wig!

#5 Jewish wig

For those looking for a full-length blonde wig, this is the right hair styling accessory. Since this golden hair wig has delivered awe-inspiring looks to thousands of Jewish women, it deserves to be in our list of best blonde wigs for women. This premium hair wig is highly versatile and adored by European women as well.

Available in different shades of European hair, Jewish wig is a premium topper that should be part of your wig collection! Below are the advantages of this luxury wig:

  • Soft hair texture
  • Completely customizable
  • Traditional hand-stitched silk cover top
  • Closed lace front ideal for blending with the existing hairline.

Want to dye your hair a darker shade? You can totally do that but why risk your real hair with chemicals when you can wear a luxury wig and get a brand new look.

These are the most premium wig options available in our catalog that are priced less than $1000.

Ladies planning to buy a wig for the first time often get confused during the search. Here is a quick guide for first-time wig buyers so that they don't end up having an unsatisfactory purchase.

How to choose a perfect wig!

Choose a wig type: With oodles of wig types available in the market, picking up the perfect wig for the first-time buyer can be daunting. Human hair wigs and synthetic wigs are the most popular options to pick from. While human hair wigs are long-lasting and look super real, synthetic wigs are cheaper and have more color options.

blonde hair wig

Consider your skin tone: The most important aspect while choosing a wig for the first time is your skin tone. Ladies with warm skin tone should stick with wigs that come in following colors:

  • Chocolate
  • Warm brown
  • Honey
  • Amber

Below colors complement women with cool skin tone:

  • Auburn
  • Cool blonde
  • Ashy brown
  • Grey

Authenticity of wig seller: With thousands of wig sellers online, everyone claims to be the best wig seller. However, when it comes to quality, most of the online sellers are not up to the mark. Check reviews of wig sellers on Google and Trustpilot to check seller authenticity.

Our list of premium blonde hair wigs ends here. Our collection of blonde hair wigs is much bigger than listed above. Browse our complete range of luxury wigs to discover unique hair styling products curated for women. We also deal in premium hair toppers to support women through temporary hair loss.

Douwigs is a global luxury wigs brand that ships hair wigs and toppers to 50+ countries. Do you have questions in mind regarding any of the listed wigs? Tell us in the comment section or email them at and get them answered by our hair experts. 

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