Buying Wig for the First Time: Beginners’ Guide

Wearing a wig has become a popular alternative among women who love to experiment with hairstyles and lengths. Literally millions of women (and men too) wear wigs on a regular basis. That said. purchasing a wig for the first time can be confusing. 

Without proper information and guidance, you may end up buying a wig that doesn’t work for you. Therefore, reading a beginner wig buying guide is super helpful to those who are planning to buy a wig for the first time.

Douwigs brings a detailed guide on how to buy a wig for the first time. Follow these 8 steps to make your wig or topper purchase phenomenal!

Choose your wig type

Choosing a wig type is probably the most important decision you have to make before buying a wig. Synthetic and natural hair wigs are two of the most popular options to pick from. Human hair wigs last longer than synthetic ones and give more authentic looks.

Human hair wigs are costlier than synthetic wigs but their diversity and comfort makes up for the price difference. Dream, Petite, and Zen wigs are the hot-selling human hair wigs in virtual collections right now. 


buying a wig for the first time

 The shape of your face

There is no dearth of wig types and styles when it comes to buying. But to make your wig purchase a perfect one, you need to study your face shape and buy accordingly. While most wigs work for girls with oval-shaped faces, longer hair length is recommended for round-shaped ones. Square faces on the other hand look magnificent in wavy style wigs.

Whatever face cut you have, there are plenty of options available with top wig sellers. Not sure which face type you have? Use a recent portrait photograph of yours and trace the outline of your face. That’s all!

Your skin tone

Another important consideration while choosing a wig is your skin tone. Warm-toned skin tans easily whereas cool-toned skin gets sunburn most often. This is the major reason behind the limited options for these two skin tones as compared to people with neutral skin tones.

Choosing the right hair color can help you make your complexion look fair and fresh whereas selecting mismatched hair color may destroy your overall look. If we talk eyes, black color looks stunning on women with black. Hazel eyes on the other hand light up with blonde hair shades. So, first-time wig buyers, select your wig color accordingly!

Consider your lifestyle

Young adults tend to be physically active as compared to office goers who spend most of their time sitting on the office chair. Our wig experts suggest first-time buyers think about their lifestyle before placing an order. Need a wig that is comfortable during sports or a wig that looks good in a corporate setting? Make up your mind!

Length of your wig hair should also be taken into consideration while making your purchase. For someone with a hyper active lifestyle, short and medium hair wigs make more sense!

buying a wig for the first time

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Check out stores

Our wig buying guide for beginners recommends visiting some online wig stores and shortlisting a few wigs that suit your requirement. Most online wig stores have a huge catalog that brings wigs in unique lengths, styles, and colors.

Online wig stores like Douwigs are known to provide 30 days money-back guarantee on all their products. Whether you want a hair topper to cover temporary hair loss or a premium human hair wig to look stylish at a wedding, we guarantee you will find something amazing in our catalog!

Read wig reviews

Don’t hit the buy button in a hurry! Whether you are a first-time buyer or a regular wig buyer, we recommend reading reviews and feedback left by customers when buying from a new store. Reading reviews will help check the claims made by the seller and ensure that you are indeed getting value-for-money

Check reviews about the wig and seller on Google. Trustpilot, Youtube, and Yelp are good channels to read customer feedback and confirm product quality and warranties.

Check discounts

Many online wig sellers offer a discounted pricing to first-time buyers. Claiming such a discount will help you save more on your first purchase! DoU Wigs offers 20% off on all our wigs and toppers if you are buying for the first time! Purchasing wigs during festivals (Christmas, etc.) and special occasions (Women’s Day etc.) is also a great idea since wig sellers come out with special discounts to mark the happy days.

buying a wig for the first time

 Black Friday is traditionally the start of the busiest shopping season in America. During the same, most of the online wig sellers offer huge discounts on all their products.  If you are making a wig purchase during November, we recommend buying it during the Black Friday sale unless you need it urgently.

Customize all you want

Most wig brands give women the power to customize their wigs so that they look and fit perfectly. So, don’t forget to request changes related to color, hair length, hair texture, hair density, and wig base while buying your first wig!

All our hair wigs and toppers come with the option of customization!

Shop human hair wigs

All the above tips and ideas will help you to buy your first wig with ease. Make sure that you cover all above listed recommendations. It will greatly help you buy a hair wig that you will love for a really long time.

Still got queries to ask about buying a hair wig for the first time? Send them at and have them answered by our wig experts. Connect with DouWigs on Instagram for wig recommendations, hair care hacks, and special discounts!

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