Daily Hair Care Routine for Max Growth, Shine, and Glory

A daily hair care routine is almost obligatory for hair wellness. It makes sure that your strands remain nourished, healthy, frizz-free, and strong from within. However, a lot of women find the process of caring for hair daunting. If you too aren’t sure what the right hair care routine is, then, you are at the right place! 

In this blog, DoU Wigs will list everything you need to know in order to find the perfect hair care ritual for you. However, before learning about the hair care routine, it’s necessary to learn why it’s important to have one. 

Why does a daily hair care routine matter? 

In the absence of a hair care regime, hair experiences damage, becomes brittle, and  loses their shine gradually. If really uncared for, hair may even begin to fall aggressively. 

Daily hair care routine ensures that your hair looks and feels healthy. It also keeps them soft, free of infections, greasiness, and other hair conditions. The method you will use to take care of your hair depends on your hair texture and other important factors. Let’s dig deeper into this!

daily hair routine

Your daily hair care routine: Crucial factors 

A lot of factors need to be kept in mind while choosing a hair care regime. Below are the most crucial ones:

#1 Your hair type 

One of the major factors your hair care routine depends on is what sort of hair you have. Most women think hair is of two types - straight and curly. Little do they know that hair types tend to be fine, thick, or coarse and fall into these categories:

  • Straight hair: Straight hair is often called fine hair. It doesn’t curl easily and falls flat from the roots, all the way down to the tip. Straight hair is usually soft and shiny. Women with this hair type have oily scalp, which makes it greasy evenly.

  • Wavy hair: Some women’s hair is naturally wavy, with more curl than some types of hair but less than others. Wavy hair is thicker than the first category. One may notice soft, big curls as it progresses from the roots towards the ends. This hair type is usually rough in texture. 

  • Curly hair: Curly hair is determined by prominent curls from the root down. This type of hair is known often to be dry and frizzy when compared to straight hair and wavy hair. 

  • Coily hair: Also called African American hair, coily hair is highly kinky or curly hair. It can be determined by tight curls. Coily hair is quite fragile. It tends to break easily if not taken care of properly. 

  • #2 Dyed, bleached, or chemically processed? 

    Another important factor your daily hair care routine relies on. If your hair strands often come in contact with dye, bleach, or chemicals, you have to be extra cautious and think hard about taking care of them. Women with dyed hair are  advised not to wash it every day as it might cause untimely color fading and dryness. 

    On the other hand, hair that is bleached or chemically processed needs some extra nourishment through conditioner and hair masks. 

    daily hair routine

    #3 How much hair styling?

    Women and their love for hair styling is only growing stronger. They use a variety of products to achieve styles like pin-straight locks, beach waves, and voluminous curls. 

    Do you like to straighten your hair or curl them? Do you style once a month or every now and then? Answering such questions help create the right hair care routine.  

    #4 Specific hair concerns 

    A lot of girls want a hair care routine that can help them recover from specific hair or scalp problems. It can be hair thinning, frizz, flaky scalp, dry hair, damaged strands, or anything else. Doing this is completely normal.

    Figure out your biggest hair problem and tweak your daily hair care routine accordingly. By doing so, you will win half the battle! If that’s done, all that’s required is finding the best hair care routine. Read on and we will help you with that too.

    Hair care routine tips for all hair types

    Whilst your hair type and concerns will alter your hair care routine in a few ways, there are some hair care routine aspects that every woman can benefit from. Here are the basic hair care tips everyone should follow: 

    #1 Shampoo 

    Having clean hair is one of the most crucial steps to maintain a head full of healthy hair. Make sure to wash your hair properly with shampoo (irrespective of your hair type) to keep it clean. The shampoo is designed to clean, remove, desquamating skin cells, oil, dirt, and sweat from the scalp and hair.

    Wash your hair once or twice a week. Make sure not to use hot water in order to wash your hair as it can strip out natural oils as well, making the hair dry and dull in the process. Go for shampoos rich in extracts of plants, fruits, and herbs. These are highly beneficial for your hair and scalp. 

    #2 Condition 

    It is highly recommended for women to add hair conditioning in their daily hair care routine. Conditioning after shampooing your hair makes it healthy and shiny. Skipping the conditioning makes your strands more prone to breakage and thinning. 

    Apply the hair conditioner in long and fluid motions. Ensure that you squeeze some water out of your strands after shampooing so that it doesn't diminish the effects of the conditioner. Rise it after a few minutes. Remember not to apply conditioner to your scalp or roots as it could weaken the hair. 

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    #3 Moisturize and seal 

    Women who want to further hydrate their hair must add this two-step process to their daily hair care routine. Our hair needs moisture in order to survive and keep from breaking. Proper moisturizing and sealing will ensure that your hair retains moisture for a long time. Hair experts often recommend women spritz their hair either with water or use a light water-based moisturizer. 

    After moisturizing the hair, women could seal the water with oil. Molecules of oil are much larger than molecules of water. It will act as an outer barrier to prevent water from coming out of your hair shaft too quickly. Women could also seal their hair with butter! 

    #4 Detangle 

    Women with curly or wavy hair should definitely consider adding detangling to their daily hair routine. Detangling hair is essential for stopping breakage and making your life a lot easier. It is one of the most important hair care steps you can take to keep your strands healthy and strong. 

    Always detangle your hair when it is wet! Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your strands. It will help you avoid pulling hair and weakening the roots. Also, start with your ends and work your way up to the roots. Depending on your hair type, you may need to detangle every day. Do as required!

    daily hair routine

    Other hair care routine tips for women 

    If you love hair, then, there is no harm in following a more thorough hair care regime. Consider adding these hair care tips and hacks into your daily routine: 

    #1 Hair massage 

    Massaging your hair with oil once a week is essential for nourishment and hydration. Hair massage increases the blood circulation in the scalp and dilates hair follicles. This increases the absorption of hair oils into these follicles and nurtures hair growth and rejuvenates them. 

    Regular head massage strengthens the roots too. Coconut oil is a great pick to nourish your hair on a regular basis. Do it one day before hair washing for maximum impact! Learn more about hair massage.

    #2 Avoid tying up hair 

    Avoid tying up the hair too often and too tight. Wearing your hair tight all day puts unnecessary strain on the roots, causing the hair to break. This happens because the roots are under a lot of strain.

    We recommend women to not flaunt tight braids and ponytails on a regular basis. I could irreversibly damage the hair!

    daily hair routine

    #3 Minimize styling 

    Styling tools like curling rods and straighteners help get that perfect look, but they can also leave your hair dried and frizzled. Such equipment strips your hair of natural oils and proteins by breaking down its hydrogen bonds. No wonder, a lot of young women have hair that appear dry, dull, and frizzy. 

    Avoid using heat focused styling equipment as much as possible. We are not asking you to ditch them altogether! Just be mindful about their impact. 

    #4 Style with hair wigs

    We all know that heat from the sun damages the skin but do you also know that it dehydrates and damages the hair too? Yes, it does! If your hair has a lot of sun exposure, UVA and UVB rays can damage the outside cover of the hair strands, making them dry, thin, and frizzy.

    Using a lot of hair styling products also damages the natural hair. Therefore, we highly recommend women to use hair wigs. Celebrities like Katy Perry and Rihanna wear hair wigs for styling and fashion on a regular basis. With a wig, there is no capping on styling! 

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    #5 Trim your hair

    Does trimming make my hair grow faster? Of course, not! But it can make your hair appear healthier, softer, and free of split ends. Hair experts suggest women should trim their hair once every 3-4 months. It will make it easier for you to style hair and prevent frizzy and single strands from hair knots. As a result, your hair will look healthier and prettier.   

    daily hair routine

    Above are daily hair care routine tips for women to boost hair health and wellness. Maintaining a strict hair care regime based on your hair type is really important to keep your mane soft, shiny, and healthy. 

    By following the aforementioned tips, ideas, and hacks, you could avoid breakage, dullness, and hair fall. Figuring out the right hair care routine might take a few days or even weeks but once you find it, you will 100% get your dream hair. 

    Got any queries to ask? Send them at info@douwigs.com and have them answered by our hair experts. 

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