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There is no dearth of wigs online but when it comes to good quality wigs, the number shrinks dramatically. If you want to wear nothing but premium real hair wigs in 2021, then, this is the perfect blog to discover the same! DoU Wigs is here today with 5 good quality wigs that gained popularity in 2020 for their design, hair quality, and durability. 

For many years, we have been selling premium quality real hair European wigs to women who want to experiment with unique hairstyles without damaging their real hair. So, start paying attention and read on!

Good quality wigs online

As promised, here are the top quality hair wigs for women in our collection:

#1 Dream Wig

Dream wig is one of the hot-selling wigs from DoU Wigs. A good quality wig made from 100% real European hair and available is 19 inches of hair length, this hair topper can be easily washed and experimented with.

Dream wig is available in multiple shades and costs less than $1000. Here are the top features of this good hair wig:

  • Easy to clean and comb.

  • Completely customizable. 

  • Four adjustable stays that guarantee a strong grip.

  • Invisible knots in the hairline

Check out this premium black hair wig for more details. 

good quality wigs

#2 Petite Wig

Our Petite wig is probably the best medium hair wig available for women in our catalog. It's a closed lace front wig that is ideal for blending with the existing front hairline. This good quality wig online is available in two length options (19 and 21) and can be easily customized to fit your head. 

Available in two shades (black & brown), the Petite wig can be yours for $966 only. Below are the major highlights of this luxury wig:

  • Hand-tied French base design for a natural look

  • Super comfortable to wear 

  • Non-shedding lace wig

  • Real European hair wig

  • Wefted close cap

Learn more about this blonde hair wig from Dou Wigs!

 good quality wigs

#3 Zen Wig

Since Zen wig has delivered magnificent looks to thousands of women, it deserves to be on our list of good quality wigs for women. Made from 100% virgin European hair, this wig can be curled, straightened, or dyed as per your style preferences!

Available in different textures of European hair, this Swiss lace wig is a premium topper that should be part of your wig collection. Here are its major highlights: 

  • Soft hair texture 

  • Completely customizable 

  • Breathable wefted closed cap

  • Hand-tied silk top 

Learn more about this European hair wig!

 good quality wigs

#4 Freedom Wig

Freedom wig has been designed for women in love with medium hair length. Popular amongst women in their late twenties and thirties, it has a natural hairline with two adjustable stays on the sides. This good quality human hair wig brings European hair that can be customized in any way.

Want to dye your hair blonde or experiment in any other way? Why risk hair damage when you can wear this luxury wig to get the hottest look in town? Here are the wig highlights:

  • S-hook elastic adjustable band on each side.

  • Scalp-friendly virgin European hair 

  • High quality closed lace front

  • Available in multiple length options 

good quality wigs 

#5 Choice Wig

Another outstanding hair wig for women, the Choice wig is our best-seller designed using sleek European hair. Known for its silk look and natural appearance, this real hair wig has multiple length options and can be customized in any way.

Below are the advantages of the Choice wig from the leading supplier of luxury real hair wigs in the world:

  • Invisible knots in the hairline

  • Adjustable straps on the sides

  • 100% real European hair 

  • Open lace front from temple-to-temple 

Interested in long hair? Check out these long hair wigs for women.

good quality wigs 

These were the most premium quality human hair wigs available in our online catalog. Now you know where to buy good quality wigs for women! 

Ladies who buy a wig for the first time often get confused between a human hair wig and a synthetic wig while purchasing. So, let’s take a look at the major differences between both so that you can make an informed decision!

Human hair wig vs. synthetic hair wig

While human hair wigs have always been in demand, synthetic wigs have started building hype in recent decades. Let’s look at the major differences between them both:


  1. Synthetic wigs are cheaper in comparison to human hair wigs.

  2. A human hair wig delivers a more natural look in comparison to synthetic wigs.

  3. A human hair wig can be curled, straightened, or colored just like real hair but synthetic wigs can experience damage through styling tools.

  4. While human hair wigs are considered premium and favored by celebrities, synthetic wigs are preferred by women with a small budget.

  5. Human hair wigs demand more care since they are designed using natural hair!  

Shop good quality wigs online

 Both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs have their own share of advantages as well as disadvantages. Think about your wig goals, budget, and lifestyle before deciding between the two! 

Our list of good quality human hair wigs ends here. DoU Wigs is one of the most renowned hair wigs suppliers in the world with expertise in luxury hairpieces. Browse our website and blogs to come across unique toppers and hair styling solutions! 

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January 27, 2021 — Kyrene Zhang

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