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Human hair wigs look very similar to natural hair but they don’t stay that way if not cared for. It’s important to take care of a human hair wig just like your natural hair in order to maintain its optimal look and feel. If you want your human hair wig to be in perfect shape, then, read this blog carefully! 

In this post, DoU Wigs will share 7 wigs care and maintenance tips that are recommended by top hair experts to extend wig life and shine. Give your human hair wigs a silky smooth look by following our wigs care guide!


Human hair wigs care tips

While there are a lot of ways to take care of human hair wigs, we will be talking about the simplest and the most popular ones related to washing, conditioning, and handling!

Wash and condition correctly 

Washing your human hair wigs correctly not only helps keep them clean but also increases their lifespan. Do it the wrong way and you may cut your wig’s lifespan by half! Here is how to wash a human hair wig without damaging it:

Start by wetting it under running water or under the shower. This will reduce the chance of hairs getting tangled. Take a generous amount of shampoo and apply it gently to the wig. Wash off the shampoo and repeat the process with the conditioner. Don’t twist or rub your wig hair as it will cause the hair to tangle or break! 

To dry your wig, gently rub your wig with a towel to remove the excess water. 

Note: Purchase wig-friendly shampoo and conditioner since the regular ones contain chemicals that may damage the wig texture.

 wig care tips

Use hair spray sparsely 

Aggressive use of hair spray on a wig is a definite no-no. Hair sprays dry out the wig hair and may lead to split ends. Moreover, using them for a long time will increase the number of split-ends and the same reduces the longevity of the human hair wig. So, make sure to use the correct hair styling products for your wig.

If you still want to spray your wig, use wig-approved hair spray as it will reduce the chance of hair damage to some extent. 

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Don’t wear and sleep

Do you love your wigs? Avoid going to bed while wearing a wig at all costs! The friction between wig hair and pillow will do irreversible damage to your wig through knots. Moreover, sleeping while wearing a human hair wig will make your scalp feel more stressed as your scalp won’t be able to breathe and relax during the long night hours.

If you wore a wig in bed, the next day will require washing, conditioning, and combing to save it from being a lost cause. We are sure you don’t want to go through all that effort! So, keep it simple and take off your wig before hitting the bed. 

Pro tip: Store your wig in the original packing to reduce the chance of hair damage due to tangling

wig care tips 

Detangle your wig hair

Choosing the right brush is very important to get rid of tangles. Make sure you use a professional wig comb instead of a regular one to detangle your human hair wig. It will greatly help to maintain the strength of the wig hair and also retain the wig shape.

Douwigs recommends a soft bristle brush as it is flexible and won’t put extra pressure on the hair or pull it from the roots. A wooden wide-toothed comb will be a great pick

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Get a wig stand

Purchasing a premium human hair wig and keeping it in a drawer doesn’t make sense. Keep your luxury wig on a wig stand when you are not using it. If you do this, the wig will retain its original shape for a long time and last longer than usual.  

DoU Wigs recommends keeping your wig stand away from children’s reach unless you want them to have some ‘fun’ with your favorite wig! A lot of women don’t invest in a wig stand thinking that it is an additional expense but if you want your wigs to last longer and look natural, go ahead and order some nice wig heads.

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wig care tips 

Bring down the heat

A human hair wig can be styled just like natural hair but heat is never a good idea for both. Avoid using hair styling tools like hairdryers, curling rods as it results in the weakening of wig hair. 

To limit the damage of these styling tools, keep the styling tools moving rather than concentrated on one spot. If you use a curling rod on a regular basis, reduce the use to protect your collection of wigs.

We understand that styling is important but remember, too much of everything is bad!

Don’t cut your wig yourself 

Last but not the least, cutting your wig hair on your own is off-limits. An attempt to trim wig hair can cause serious damage to your human hair topper unless you are a certified hair professional. We recommend taking the wig to a professional hairdresser to get it cut as per wig design and hairstyle. 

Most cities have salons that help women with wig cut-in and styling. Google to connect with a wig specialist near you and get your wig trimmed the right way!

wig care tips 

Above 7 wig care and maintenance tips will definitely help you extend the lifespan of your premium hair wig. No matter which brand or quality you buy, wigs have a lifespan and if not care for, it’s pretty short


With proper care and maintenance, your wig can retain its uber look and feel for a really long time. Got queries to ask regarding any of the tips mentioned above? Send them at info@douwigs.com and get answered by our wig experts

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