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Lightweight & breathable human hair wigs are highly functional in hot summers and humid climates. However, a lot of women struggle to find the perfect ultra-lightweight and breathable human hair wig online. If you are one of them, then, we highly recommend you to keep reading further! 

In this blog, Douwigs will tell you about the 7 best women’s human hair wigs that are lightweight as well as breathable. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the wig listicle!

#1 Courage hair wig (COU1DOU)

This human hair wig for women is one of the best sellers in our catalog, and it’s not hard to see why. Courage hair topper has 100% sleek European hair strands that can be easily customized, offering versatility to women in styling. This lightweight wig currently comes in two length options (26” and 19”) but the new length options added from time to time as per hair availability. 

Courage human hair wig has a full hand-tied French drown silk top cap that is highly durable, breathable, and lightweight. It also comprises open lace front from temple-to-temple that provides women a natural hairline. Available in different lengths and shades, Courage hair wig has a price tag of US$1599.  

lightweight wigs

#2 Dream hair topper (DRE1DOU)

Will there ever come a time where long layered hair isn’t effortlessly fabulous? We hope not! Dream human hair topper by Douwigs is youthful and modern. It has a closed weft cap with a double mono cover on top along with silk mesh, which makes it highly durable, breathable, and lightweight. 

Invisible knots make the hairline look natural. Four adjustable stays on the sides and nape area makes it easy for ladies to secure Dream human hair wig. When it comes to strands, this topper flaunts high-quality European hair. 

The option to choose different hair colors and lengths make Dream European human topper a value for money product for just US$966. 

lightweight wigs

#3 Freedom hair wig

‘Freedom’ is defined as the ability to do anything without hindrance or restraint. And this highly breathable and lightweight wig has been named aptly. Freedom is a completely customizable human hair topper that has a 100% hand-tied voluminous French silk top base for a true-to-skin appearance. 

This hair wig for women has European human hair that is under-ventilated ideally for blending with existing strands. Clips integrated into the Freedom hair wig make attachment and removal an easy task. Available in unique shades and lengths, ladies can grab this ultra-lightweight and breathable wig for US$1199. 

lightweight wigs

#4 Choice hair topper (CHO1DOU)

Another famous lightweight and breathable wig for women. Choice has a wefted closed cap (in S and M size) constructed using U-double swiss lace at top and open lace at front. The Swiss lace makes the base durable, while the open front lace provides an appearance of hair coming out of the scalp.  

When it comes to hair, Choice wig packs European human strands that are 100% sleek and provide women a hyper-realistic look. These have a length of 19-20 inches from the crown to end with layers. Choice - a lightweight and breathable hair wig - also has adjustable bands for extra security. 

Grab this customizable human hair topper for just US$966. 

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#5 Petite hair wig (PET1DOU)

Petite is one of the best lightweight and breathable hair wigs present in Douwigs’ catalog. It has a hand-tied French drown silk top base which adds durability to this fashion product. ⅛ inch closed lace-front lets women blend their natural hair easily with the wig hair. Stays on the sides make it easy for ladies to adjust the Petite hair wig according to their head size. 

Petite hair topper has 19-inches high-quality European human hair which looks natural no less than the real hair. Women can easily style and customize the hair strands according to their fashion and style quotient. Petite human hair topper is available in 3 unique shades and has a price tag of US$966. 

lightweight wigs

#6 Balance hair topper (BAL1DOU)

Balance hair topper for women is a definite luxury purchase but is so worth it. It has a lightweight and breathable handmade base that comprises a French drown silk cover top, a double-lined top cover, and a ⅛” closed lace front. Balance hair topper is well-known for being durable, long-lasting, and airy. 

100% virgin European hair present all over the base provides women with an ultra-realistic look. What’s interesting, it is available in different hair lengths (14 to 19 inches) and in unique shades. Women can easily customize this hair topper as per their requirements. Buy the Balance hair wig for US$1099. 

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#7 Zen hair wig (ZEN1DOU)

All of the aforementioned hair wigs guarantee lightweight, breathability, and comfort. However, the Zen hair topper stands out above the rest. Its natural-looking handcraft base is created using the finest materials, each and every strand is tied on a silk top using invisible knots which gives the illusion of totally natural hair growth from the root of the scalp.

Also, the Swiss lace front has been used from temple-to-temple for a natural front hairline. Zen hair wig is known to have Virgin European human hair which provides women a hyper-realistic look. Not to mention, they can style it as they please. 

The option to select between a variety of shades and base sizes make Zen lightweight and breathable hair a value for money product for just US$1099. 

lightweight wigs

Above are the 7 best lightweight and breathable hair wigs for women to buy in 2021. Douwigs stocks a wide variety of wigs styles to meet the taste and preferences of women across the globe. 

Using one of the above-mentioned hair toppers will give you the freedom to style your hair whichever way they want and that too without hair damage. 

Got any queries to ask regarding ultra-lightweight wigs? Send them at and have them answered by our wig experts! 

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