Best Medium Length Human Hair Wigs to Buy for Styling in 2021

Medium human hair wigs help women experiment with unique hairstyles and colors without exposing their natural strands to chemicals and damage. However, a lot of women struggle with selecting the best medium-length straight or wavy human hair wigs, thanks to the wide variety of wigs available in the market. To make things easy for them, we have decided to help! 

In this blog, DoU Wigs will tell you about the best medium-length human hair wigs that women can buy for styling. Not only these hair wigs have real European hair but their base is also super comfortable. 

Here are the best medium length hair wigs for women to buy in 2021: 

#1 Zen: Swiss lace medium hair wig

Zen medium hair wig has gained huge popularity among women since day one, and we can clearly see why. It has 100% virgin European human hair that looks real no less than natural strands. Since it packs virgin hair, it can be bleached to get any color or highlight you want. Not to mention, you can style or curl them without any damage. 

When it comes to base, Zen medium human hair wig has a natural-looking hand-tied base that is created using the finest materials - open swiss lace front and a silk top. The swiss lace front from temple-to-temple provides you a natural front hairline while the silk top makes the hair wig comfortable and breathable. 

Zen human hair wig has a medium hair length of 18” and comes in a copper shade. Women can grab this medium-length human hair topper for US$1099. 

medium length human hair wigs

#2 Choice: European medium hair wig  

Choice wig is truly one of the most exceptional wigs out there if you want a medium-length human hair wig for women. It has a base crafted using double Swiss lace. While the first swiss layer makes the knots strong, the second swiss layer makes them invisible. Thanks to the open lace present at the front of the Choice medium hair wig, it provides women a natural-looking hairline. 

100% sleek European hair present all around the base provides women with an ultra-realistic look. Not to mention, ladies can easily customize the Choice medium-length hair wig as per their style needs. This hair wig brings cream hair with a length of 19 inches from the crown to the end. Grab this medium human hair wig for just US$966. 

medium length human hair wigs

#3 Balance: French silk medium hair wig


Another popular medium-length human hair wig from DoU Wigs’s premium wigs collection. Balance has a fully hand-tied base (in S size) with a French drown silk covering the top. It also has a ⅛” closed lace front with under-ventilation, which perfectly blends with the existing front hairline. Thanks to the elastic adjustable stays on each bottom side, it adds extra security to this medium-length human hair wig

In terms of hair, the Balance medium hair wig comprises virgin European hair that has premium quality and looks 100% real. You can style it or curl it as you please. The availability of different hair lengths (14 to 19 inches) and hair colors makes this medium hair wig a value-for-money product for US$1099. 


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#4 Jewish hair wigs for women

A popular medium-length hairpiece for women, the Jewish hair wig has a wefted closed cap that comprises a silk cover at the top; ⅛-inch closed lace front with under-ventilation, and 4 adjustable stays. Silk top and closed lace front make the hair wig breathable, lightweight, and natural-looking. On the other hand, four adjustable stays make sure its position remains permanent on your head. 

This hair topper has 14-inches sleek European hair that looks natural, just like real human hair. Women can effortlessly style and customize the hair strands according to their fashion and style quotient. The traditional Jewish medium-length human hair wig is available in Auburn color and has a price tag of US$966. 

medium length human hair wigs

Styling tips to use medium length human hair wigs 

Wearing a wig is nothing less than an art. So, here are some useful tips for women to consider while styling their hair wigs: 

  • Always spritz your medium hair wig with clean, cool water while styling it. It will revitalize limp strands and smooth frizz without washing it and help you remove static electricity.


  • Use a brush or comb specifically designed for medium-length human hair wigs as regular ones can pull on and damage the wig fibers. 

  • Buy styling and cleaning products created specifically for hair wigs. Never use products designed for real hair as they can damage the wig strands. 

  • Wear a chin strap while the wig is being cut or styled. It will help you prevent slippage and make sure that you get your wig style looking just right.  

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Above are the 4 best medium-length hair wigs for women to buy for styling in 2021. Using one of these medium hair wigs will provide you complete freedom of styling your hair just like you want and prevent your real strands from getting damaged. 

Ensure to follow the aforementioned styling guidelines to attain the best look while using your medium hair wig. 

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