Shop Sheitel Online: Best Jewish Wigs of 2021

Jewish women planning to buy sheitel online often get confused between the wig options available in our catalog. Since some women are not aware of our collection of sheitel, DoU Wigs decided to share the most popular ones in this blog! 

In this post, we will share our best Jewish wigs for 2021 to help you choose the perfect sheitel for everyday wear as well as special occasions. Browse our collection, check the details, and buy online to get it shipped at your doorstep!

Let’s start!

Sheitel collection 2021

DoU Wigs is widely trusted by Jewish women for real hair wigs. Here are our top performing head covering products! 

Dream wig

Dream wig is one of the top-selling wigs in our catalog. We use Mono silk topper with long European hair to make this premium quality wig for traditional as well as fashionable Jewish women. The luxury sheitel has an international demand and is worn by women across the globe. 

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Dream Wig is loved by Jewish women for its good hair quality, comfort, and breathability. Below are the major highlights of this premium sheitel:

  • Can be customized as per your desired style.

  • Double-mono cover top with breathable silk mesh

  • Invisible knots in hairline for optimal discretion

  • Hair length of 19 inches

  • Four adjustable stays on the sides & nape area

  • It has sewn-in flexible clips that can be easily removed if required

  • Hair cuticle partially intact.

Learn more about this mono silk topper that costs less than 1000 USD.

Petite wig

Our Petite wig brings a French silk top with long European hair. Two hair lengths are available in this premium sheitel. We use 100% real European hair to design this wig and the same guarantees an elegant look to women of the Jewish faith.

Below are the major highlights of our Petite sheitel:

  • Two adjustable stays on the sides

  • Sewn soft PU tabs for comfortable use

  • 19” and 21” length options 

  • Wefted closed caps

  • Elastic adjustable bands on each bottom side for a strong grip

  • Various selection of colors 

  • Can be customized as per your style goals.

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Learn more about this French silk wig that costs 966 USD only

Zen Wig

Zen wig is designed using Virgin European hair with Swiss lace to give maximum comfort and breathability to women. This blonde sheitel is perfect for women who love to try new hairstyles. With Zen wig, you get a hand-tied silk top that guarantees our female customers an all-natural look. 

This sheitel is known for being aligned to all the traditions and rules underlined by Jewish laws. Below are the major highlights of our Zen wig:

  • 18” inches from crown to the hair end.

  • Four adjustable stays on the sides & nape area

  • Open swiss lace front 

  • Virgin hair can be re-bleached again into any highlight.

  • Invisible knots in the hairline for a natural feel.

  • Exquisite elastic cord to connect the lace and elastic cap.

  • Hand-tied silk top as verisimilar scalp.

  • Can be customized to your desired style. 

This Swiss lace wig costs only 1099 USD. 

Courage wig

Courage wig is one of the top-selling long hair Jewish wigs for women. Made of French silk topper with 26 inches of real European hair, it’s loved by women in love with long hairstyles. 

New brides wear this sheitel to adhere to the Jewish faith and look beautiful while doing that. Below are the major highlights of our Courage wig: 

  • 100% sleek European hair.

  • Available in multiple blonde shades

  • Fully hand-tied cap for maximum comfort

  • Fully breathable for regular wear.

  • Double-lined back for durability & longevity

  • Tiny holes to prevent hair invasion through the surface of the cap.

  • Completely customizable 

This luxury long hair wig for Jewish females costs 1599 USD.

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Balance wig

Balance is the last sheitel in this top-selling collection. It’s famous among women who love short and medium hairstyles. This luxury French silk wig is designed using sleek European hair. 

This Jewish covering is widely favored by women who live an active lifestyle. Below are the major highlights of our top-selling short hair Jewish wig:

  • Made of 100% Virgin European hair

  • Hair cuticle partially intact.

  • Can be customized the way you want.

  • Available in various colors and capsize

  • Fully-hand tied French drown silk cover top.

  • Maximum hair cover area for fuller volume effect.

  • Four adjustable stays on the sides to unwavering grip.

  • Hair length available in 14”, 16”, & 19” from the crown to the hair ends with layers.

Learn more about our top-selling Balance wig or buy at 1099 USD 

Above are the fastest-selling Jewish wigs in our catalog! Now that you know about our premium quality Jewish wigs, let’s quickly learn about the benefits of buying top quality sheitel for regular wear.

Benefits of buying sheitel 

The benefits of wearing a sheitel are more than you can think. Here are our favorite ones: 

  • Abide by the Jewish traditions and culture related head covering 

  • Try limitless hairstyles without damaging your natural hair.

  • Protects natural hair from sun heat, dust, & harsh weather.

  • Add fun to your daily routine by using different hair styling products while protecting natural hair.

  • The fastest way to get ready and go! 

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Jewish wigs to buy in 2021

Above are the top-selling sheitel to buy in 2021 for securing the approval of your seniors as well as fashion experts. All our Jewish hair wigs can be customized to fit your unique goals and shipped to your doorstep within a week. 

Have questions in mind? Drop them in the comments to get a quick reply from the Jewish wig experts. 

January 20, 2021 — Kyrene Zhang

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