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Women love to experiment with their wigs’ hair color to get a new look but visiting your stylist everytime can turn out to be very expensive. While coloring wig hair on your own makes sense, it’s important for women to follow the right wig coloring steps. That’s why we decided to create this post and share a quick DIY wig coloring guide!

In this post, our team of hair experts will share a DIY hair color guide and hair care tips to help women color their wigs at home.

Let’s start!

DIY wig hair color guide

Following the right hair coloring steps is critical to safely glam up your wig. Here’s how you can color your wig hair perfectly:

Select your shade

Choosing the right hair color is most important. Make sure you are choosing a shade that matches your skin tone and accentuates your features. Below are some of the most loved wig hair colors of 2021:

  • White chocolate
  • Golden blonde
  • Dark wine
  • Milk brown
  • Deep chocolate

Have no idea which hair colors will look good on you? Speak with your hair stylist to get free recommendations!

hair color guide

Buy hair color products

After choosing the right color for your wig hair, the next step is to buy all the essential products required for coloring your wig at home. Buy products designed for wigs so that your artificial hair gets zero damage during the whole process.

Buy below products to color your hair at home:

  • Hair color
  • Brush
  • Gloves
  • Comb
  • Hairdresser clips
  • Conditioner
  • Bowl (to mix hair color)
  • Wig stand (to place the wig for coloring)

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Wash your wig hair

Got all the above listed wig coloring products? The next step is to wash your wig hair with shampoo to remove all the dirt gathered during the last wear.

Wash your wig gently so that there is no damage to the strands. This is extra important with your wig packs premium European hair! Once done with the washing, let your wig hair dry naturally.

Mix hair color

While your wig hair is drying, mix hair color in a bowl with the help of a brush. Make sure you are wearing your gloves while mixing hair color and while applying color on your wig.

If you are coloring your wig hair for the first time, read instructions carefully before mixing the color. This is critical to get the desired shade and color tone.

Apply hair color

Start applying hair color from the roots of your wig hair. Doing this will help you in coloring your wig hair thoroughly and help check uncolored spots.

Avoid coloring the base of the wig as it can damage the strength of your wig hair and also its breathability! Keep the coloring limited to the hair strands only.

hair color guide

Use disposable shower cap

After applying color to your wig hair, it’s time to let it dry naturally. This will make sure that the color stays for long. Place a disposable shower cap on your wig to maintain the temperature.

Using a shower cap will help also prevent the color from dripping. This means less cleaning after you are done with your DIY hair coloring experiment!

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Wash the hair

After the color has dried perfectly, it’s time to wash your wig hair with mild water. Avoid using hot water since it may faint the color and dampen all your efforts.

Use natural shampoo and conditioner to remove the surplus color from your wig hair. Make sure that both are wig friendly in nature and don’t pack harmful chemicals.

Dry wig hair

Some women make the mistake of drying their wig hair with a dryer after coloring. Never ever do that! Let your wig hair dry naturally on a wig stand.

Rub the hair gently with a soft towel to remove the excess water. If you are in a slight hurry finish up the hair coloring process, turn on the fan at low speed. 

Your wig coloring guide is done! Now let’s see how you can make your hair color last longer.

Wig hair color: Making it last

You did so much hard work to color your hair. It would be a shame if it vanished sooner than expected. Keep the below tips and ideas in mind to retain your wig hair color: 

Avoid too much water

Women often blame their shampoo for stealing the shine of their hair color but that’s not always true. Excessive contact with water can also be responsible for the hair color fading.

hair color guide

Wear a swim cap while relaxing in the pool to avoid getting your hair wet for a long time. Be more careful of this if you are planning to swim in saline water!

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Use color boosting gloss

Using a color boosting gloss once a week to revitalize the hair color of your wig is a great idea to improve hair health. Use it after a week of coloring to get best results from your hair coloring efforts.

Avoid too much heat

Heating products damage the strength of natural hair as well as wig hair. In addition to that, they also faint the hair color to a great extent if used very frequently.

Avoid using dryers and straighteners to maximize the life of your wig hair!

Buy quality wigs

The quality of your wig hair also plays a major role in deciding how much experimentation can they take. Buy quality wigs from a reputed company to get breathable and long lasting real human hair wigs.

The above DIY wig color tips and ideas will help you glam up your hair at home with minimal hiccups. Make sure that you follow every step carefully if you want nothing less than a diva look! 

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March 17, 2021 — DoU Wigs

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