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Dark Brown|Petite wig French silk top with long European hair

Dark Brown|Petite wig French silk top with long European hair
Dark Brown|Petite wig French silk top with long European hair
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Petite wig for women: French silk top with long European hair (Custom)


*Hair Material Choose:
100% sleek European hair

??Hair cuticle partially intact

??Customizable to your desired style

??Available in an extensive selection of colors and lengths. ?

*Cap advantage:
Wefted closed cap

Hand-tied French Drown silk cover top

Add silicone line based breathable mesh for non-skid

1/8-inch closed lace front with under-ventilation ideal for blending with an existing front hairline

Two?adjustable stays on the sides

S-hook, elastic adjustable bands on each bottom side for added security

Sewn soft PU tabs for comfortable use

The typical density of my hair is about 120-130%. If for some reason the hair feels too thick, you can always have it thinned out or layered by your stylist.


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