Wig Gip| Black Wig Grip without Lace perfectly fit your Wig


About Wig Grip


One size for everyone: DoUWigs’ wig handle has an adjustable wig strap that is suitable for everyone, grabbing your wig and providing all-day security. It can prevent your wig from slipping off or moving, making you confident and carefree all day long. It can be matched with any silk headdress or closed weft-knitted headdress, which can be tailored to the size of your head.


Eliminate the use of clips, glue, and tape: Wig Straps is a comfortable alternative to traditional wig clips, combs, glue, or tape. It prevents wig-related headaches, tension, and scalp pain by placing a soft barrier between your head and the cap inside the wig.


Suitable for any kind of wig: This top wig handle comfort belt can be used by anyone and everyone wearing silk or weft top wigs, or flats. You can match the wig handle to bring your skin tone or hair tone. When you are wearing a silk top or weft-knitted wig or under the hood, this wig band should not show up under your wig.


The safety of slip-free wigs for everyone: The unique patented wig grip structure of the DoUWigs series safely keeps your wig in place, no matter whether you have hair or experience hair loss or baldness. For women experiencing hair loss or smaller heads, DoUWigs’ Wig Grip is adjustable to fit the circumference of your head. This adjustable design provides a solution that fits all sizes, so you can quickly adjust your preferences and head size with ease.


Lightweight design: Specially designed for ordinary wig wearers: The grip design of DoUWigs is adjustable, so you can let it hold your head safely. If your wig clip is stretched out during normal wear, wash and dry your comfort zone with a washing machine, which can help the wig clip to return to its normal size. It also has an adjustable back function, which means you can correct looseness at any time. It is designed to withstand the test of regular weather.